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The Music Production of Electronic and Dance

Over the course of the last few decades, both Dance Music and Electronic Music have become one of the top Music Genres almost everyone has listened to, with various producers, song writers and artist to come to the spotlight. Many of the Top 10 Electronic Music Artists and Producers includes Skrillex, deadmau5, Timbaland, Calvin Harris, Marshmello, and much more. These Artists and Producers have different techniques and skills which sets each of them apart from each other but in a good way. Many of these Artists and Producers have went to different Universities to learn more about the production of music, how to make and record music, how to properly write song and music. Everyone of these Artists and Producers have made Electronic Music an outstanding Genre to listen to and have made this Genre more popular with each song each one of them produces and creates with their Music Teams and Labels.

Electronic Music has become one of the most popular genres within the past 10 years or more due to multiple changes within the Production aspect and how different Production is done compared to 25 plus years ago. Technology has also been one of the biggest roles with many of the changes when it comes to Production and writing music. With vast changes when it comes to the equipment and production processes, these two go hand in hand with how well an artist or producer creates their Music as well as how successful they will be with their Music Career Path. Now a days Artists can use various beat makers, Audio changes as well as different types of softwares to help them find their own beats to go along with their lyrics and which helps them achieve their goals. Many of these Artists and Producers have completed College courses such as Electronic Music Classes, TV and Film Production, recording classes, Live Sound, as well as other courses to help them record and produce the right music properly with success. Other Artists and Producers have also stated they have had the opportunity to be alongside other successful Artists and Producers to gain more knowledge and to see how well the other Producers and Artists work and record music. Most Artists and Producers have also stated they have used a Pyramid Scheme as a list for them to remember everything they have learned as well as properly remembering what they need to complete in order for their music to be successful.

Dance Music Production has significantly changed within the past 15 plus years, mainly due to how different Music is produced and how different technology has changed. Dance Music Producers and Artists have all gained their success with Dance Music primarily due to their love for Dancing and Music, they put so much time and effort into their music, they are always studying and making changes to their music. Many of these Dance Music Producers and Artists have all went to College to get their degrees in Music Production, TV Production, Business Courses, Song Writing and Digital Recording. Some of the Artists have started out at an early age with the Music Industry, they have been able to confidently complete courses and tasks as well as gain their knowledge from older Artists and Producers.

For new Artist just starting out other older Artists have offered to teach or produce new materials for new artists to follow as well as what softwares they generally like to use and have when it comes to producing music. Production companies have also created and developed multiple different types of platforms, apps you can download, different college courses as well as other ways to study and learn more about Production and writing songs. With the help of both newer and older Production skills and assets have given new artists and producers more ways to produce a variety of music, music videos and other types of production.

College and Professors have created different types of curriculums to teach every aspect of the Production and Music Industry as well as what’s hot and what’s top of the line within the music industry. When it comes to mixing both Dance and Music Production, they both go hand in hand with each other, without one or the other they will not be successful. Having both dance and music creates a special feeling for their customers and clients, this allows them to be able to connect to your music and dances without having an issue connecting to your music. Even when it comes to Dance Production, they too have to go to college to learn different dances, they have to learn Choreography, different dance steps, different ways of moving their body to the music. Choreography classes teaches new Producers and Directors how to direct their dancers and Artists to move in their music videos, concert performances and much more. Many of the World’s Best Producers and Artists have all credited their work to their Professors as well as other older Producers and Artists mainly due to how hard they’ve worked to get to where they are now as well as how successful they have made themselves.